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Theresa Wilson - Home Page

Hobby Gardener and Seed Collector, currently in Hanover, Indiana, USA

Garden Location: Southeastern Indiana, near the Ohio River (Hardiness Zone 6b)

2015 Summer Garden

This year, for the first time, I have space to do more than container gardening! That combined with 1) a build-up of wanting to garden when I couldn't and 2) the uncertainty of whether I'll be able to do much gardening next year, led me to get a bit carried away with the number and variety of tomato seeds I started.

Due to a very late start (early May), most of the tomatoes I started are early or mid-season varieties. Seeds were first soaked (to help speed things along) then started directly outside in flats (kinda sorta). I did a terrible job keeping track of things, and the rain also helped mix things up by moving the seeds around a bit. Because of this, I will only be sharing my notes and images when I am very, very sure of the tomato variety.


Dwarfs and Determinants Indeterminants
Adam 1 Absinthe
Al-Kuffa Amazon Chocolate
Amber Colored (Yantarnyi) Amerikanskiy Vytyanutyi
Anmore Dewdrop Amish Paste
Anmore Treasures Apricot Brandywine
Baby Russian Aunt Ginny's Purple
Black Sea Man Aunt Ruby's German Green Cherry
Blanche du Quebec Berkeley Tie-Dye, Pink
Blue Fruit Black and Brown Boar
Bonté Tigret Black from Tula
Burbank Black Krim
Bush Beefsteak Black Pear
Bush Goliath Black Plum
Chello Black Prince
Chibikko Black Yum Yum
Citron Compact Blue Beauty
Dwarf Arctic Rose Blue Ridge Black
Dwarf Jade Beauty Blush
Dwarf Mr. Snow Brandywine
Dwarf Shadow Boxing Buckbee
Dwarf Sweet Sue Caspian Pink
Early Wonder Chernyi Krim
Forest Fire Cherry Buzz
Hahms Gelbe Topftomate Chocolate Pear
Islandaise Costoluto Genovese
Kootenai Duggin White
Lagidnyi Earliana
Lime Green Salad Ella's Pink Plum
Lucky Leprechaun Emerald (Evergreen)
Mini Belle (Minibel?) Grub's Mystery Green
Mohamed Helsing Junction Blues
Narvik Hurma
New Big Dwarf Isis Candy
Obeyeyie Japanese Trifele Black
Orange King Jaune Negib
Peardrop Kelli's Heart
Pearly Pink Orange Kimberley
Perth Pride Kotlas
Principe Borghese Larisa
Red Robin Lemon Boy
Rosella Purple Lollipop
Silvery Fir Tree Marizol Magic
Siniy Maya & Sion's Airdrie Classic
Sleeping Lady Michael Pollan
Sub-Arctic Plenty German Tomato, Mr. Tartar's
Sun Surprise Noire de Crimee
Sweet N Neat Cherry Red Northern Lights
Sweet N Neat Cherry Yellow Ohio Pink
Tasmanian Chocolate Our Own Pink
Taxi Paul Robeson
Tibet Appel Pêche Jaune
Tiny Tim Pearls of Wisdom
Totem Pink Boar
Tumbler Pink Bumble Bee
Tumbling Tiger Purple Bumble Bee
Tumbling Tom Red Radinilee
Tumbling Tom Yellow Riesentraube
Whippersnapper Siberische Appeltomaat
Window Box Globa Striped German
Window Box Yellow Sunrise Bumble Bee
Yellow Pygmy Tim's Black Ruffles
Vintage Wine

† germination failure (Lot T-L070 purchased for 2014 season from Seedman, Vancleave, MS)

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