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How to get started

Create a user account

  • Click on the 'login/create user account' link at the top of the wiki page.
  • You can now either log in, if you already a user, or create a new user account.
    • Email Tatiana and ask for 'Trusted user' privileges. Without the privileges you will not be able to edit page or upload a picture.

Add your growout notes to an existing page

  • Open a page in editing mode.
  • Insert the following template and fill in the information:
{{Member description
|Member code=
|Member description=
|Seed source=
|Year grown=
  • If a page does not exist, please email Tatiana and ask to create it.

Adding a picture

  • There is no specific requirements for pixel size of the pictures, but the total size of the jpg file should not exceed 198KB. If your file size is larger than 198KB, it will not be uploaded.
    • We strongly recommend to use the following naming conventions for the file name:
      • VarietyName-YourName-YEAR-MM-DD.jpg
      • File name should only have English letters.
  • After you renamed your image files, you can upload them.
    • Open the corresponding variety page in Edit mode and drag and drop your picture file(s) into the dark blue box that says 'Drop files here'. The file name will appear in the box.
    • Click on 'Click here to upload this file'. The box will turn light green color when the file is uploaded successfully.
    • Now you will need to insert the picture and the caption to the appropriate spot on the page, so your picture appears on the page.
      • Find the following text in the edit box:
===Picture Gallery===
<gallery widths="250px" heights="200px">
  • There may be already a few pictures there, you will have to find an appropriate spot for yours. The pictures are inserted in the order of plants/fruit development, starting with seedlings, leaf, plant, baby fruits, green fruits, ripe fruits, and sliced fruits. So if your picture shows green fruit, then insert it after all the other green fruit pictures.
  • Each line after the opening <gallery> tag represents 1 picture.
  • The format of your picture caption line should be as follows:
 Image: filename.jpg|YourName. VarietyName. YEAR-MM-DD.
  • If Picture Gallery section does not exists, please add it right before {{tsa line.
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