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  • Packets usually contain 15 seeds, but for some varieties with very low seed supply we can only offer 5-10 seeds. $2.50 / packet.
  • All the seeds are from 2011-2017 crops, grown organically at Tatiana's Farm, with very few exceptions of varieties grown by our partners / growers. We also offer 2 very popular hybrids varieties, SunSugar F1 and SunGold F1.
  • Germination rates should be at least 85-90%, and in most of the cases are perfect 100%. Our older seeds are kept in cool storage to ensure long-lasting viability. The seeds are routinely re-tested for germination to ensure they meet our germination standards.
  • As we grow many varieties of tomatoes, some occasional off-type may show up, although special care is taken to avoid such situations. In our area, pollinator activity is very low at the time of tomato fruit set, so the chances of crossing are reduced (although not 100% eliminated).
  • I take special care labelling all tomato plants and fruits, to ensure correct seeds.
  • Please contact (Tatiana) if you have any problems with germination or seed crossing/mixups, so we stop offering the batch. It is very important for us to ensure that correct varieties and viable seeds are being circulated.

Click here to order seeds from Tatiana's TOMATObase Seed Shop

You can buy Tomato Seeds seeds at Tatiana's TOMATObase Seed Shop.

By buying our seeds you help us to maintain and improve Tatiana's TOMATObase website, and to preserve many endangered open-pollinated varieties.

The proceeds from seed sales and donations are our only source of funding at this time.

Thank you so much for your support!


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