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Tom Wagner's Home Page

Tom Wagner of Everett, Washington, USA is a private tomato and potato breeder and founder of Tater Mater Seed.

Click here to see Tom Wagner's Tater-Mater blog.

Tom Wagner in the field.

Potatoes developed by Tom Wagner

Tom Wagner. SSE tomato seed packages at Decorah Iowa. These tomato varieties are either my varieties or varieties created from chance crosses of mine.

Tomatoes developed by Tom Wagner


This is the name I am attaching to some F-3 seed of the cross of Grushovka X (Green Zebra x F-1 Sun Gold).

The fruit is striking...1 1/2 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches long. Pink and yellow stripes in a vivid zig-zag pattern. It has red flesh and not a bad flavor at all. Productive and early. I forgot to write down the plant habit. I debated about what to name this clone. Grushovka was my launching name. Grushov, Grusha, and then I found out that Grusha is a nickname for Agrafena.

GRUSHA Gender: Feminine
Usage: Russian
Other Scripts: Груша (Russian)
Diminutive of AGRAFENA

Tatiana's note: 'Grusha' also means 'pear' in Russian.

{F-1 of (Bryan Grape x Green Sleeves) x Verde Rallado} X {F-1 of (Black Plum x Casady's Folly) x Black Prince}

The F-1 of the above F-1's in this rather complicated cross resulted in a pretty red grape/roma with yellow stripes. The stripes come from Verde Rallado which is for all practical purposes..a Green Zebra.......and Green Sleeves and Casady's Folly. A black stripe Roma or longer will likely show up in some of the F-2 seedlings.

I am posting this September 21, 2010...sorry I have not been editing my listing lately.

Tom Wagner

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