Golden Dwarf Champion

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Golden Dwarf Champion
Maturity midseason
Growth habit det., dwarf
Leaf type rugose, regular
Fruit color yellow
Fruit shape round
Fruit size small
Fruit type salad
Variety type commercial heirloom, open-pollinated
Country USA
Tatiana Kouchnareva (B.C KO T). Golden Dwarf Champion - Aug 4, 2006.


80 days, compact det. plant, rugose foliage, 2 oz pale yellow round fruit, very juicy, very good flavor. (15 seeds)

Seed source:

Jennifer Hutson, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada 05

Year grown: 2006, 2015

Location: Zone 7b, PNW, Anmore, BC, Canada (760 ft above sea level)


70-80 days, indet., rugose leaf, round yellow fruit, 2-4 oz, erect plant, moderate production. Sweet, fruity flavour.

Seed source:

Year grown: 2007

Location: Wynndel, BC, Canada


Beautiful lemon yellow color and a bit fruity on the taste. Rugose leafed, tree-like plant about 4 feet tall. These slightly oblate globe shaped 3 oz fruits are just pretty to look at. 68 days.

Seed source:

Dave Thompson, Michigan

Year grown: 2009

Location: Buford, Georgia, USA, Zone 7b


55 days, indet., regular leaf, compact dwarf plant ideal for growing in pots with its stout central stem, dark green foliage, good yield of 1-4 oz bright yellow round fruits, mild sweet flavor.

Seed source:

Template:NY ET K / Craig LeHoullier of Raleigh, North Carolina (NC LE C) 93

Year grown: 2005

Location: Augusta, Michigan


Tatiana Kouchnareva

Year: 2015

Location: Leipzig, Germany


  • Very old heirloom, pre-1900 Burpee variety. According to the 1899 W. Atlee Burpee Seed Annual, the original seed was sent to them by a customer in about 1896 and it was released in about 1898. Said to be a yellow version of Pink Champion, an old Shumway variety.

Additional information

  • This is one of the very few so-called "tree", or "dwarf" varieties that are distinct in having a very stout central stem, limited upward growth and side branching, and dark, crinkly foliage. The other well-known "tree" tomatoes are Dwarf Champion (pink medium fruit), Dwarf Stone (red medium large fruit, Livingston 1905 release), New Big Dwarf (pink, large fruit, Isbell around 1915), and Lime Green Salad (medium small to medium green fruit, Tom Wagner release in the 1970s). Golden Dwarf Champion has been a particularly valuable variety to use as a starting point for breeding additional dwarf varieties in a range of sizes, colors and flavors (the so-called, unique, ongoing Dwarf Breeding Project, conceived of and managed by Patrina Nuske-Small of Australia and Craig LeHoullier, North Carolina, USA).
  • PI 339943. Donated to USDA in 1969.
  • One commercial source Sand Hill Preservation Center was noted for 2004 in the Garden Seed Inventory 6th edition.


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