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"1534" El Salvador +Indet., regular leaf. Smallish red fruits are shaped like bullets. Very meaty, great for marinating or pickling, and for sauce.


(Emerald) Evergreen +80 days, indet., regular leaf plant with medium to large green-yellow fruit, sometimes with orange streak inside, very productive, excellent flavor, juicy. Identical to [[Evergreen]] when I grew it side-by-side.
(Spear's) Tennessee Green, Yellow Strain +Indet., regular leaf, looks like it is segregating, so the original seeds were crossed. : '''Plant 1:''' First to mature, 1.5-2" round chocolate coloured fruit with dark green shoulders, very beautiful and different from any dark-coloured saladette/large cherry tomatoes I have seen before. Very good strong flavor. I named it [[Chocolate Princess]].


0-33 +Determinate plants with regular leaf foliage stay quite compact and manageable, so they are perfect for growing in pots. The plants had the most impressive fruit trusses in early June - every single flower set fruit. This variety is supposedly frost-tolerant, but we did not test it at freezing temperatures (as our spring was exceptionally warm in 2014). However, the plants grew very well throughout the cool and rainy spell in the late spring, and continued to set fruit. Fruits are medium size, round and oblate, shaped like small beefsteaks, juicy. 2-6 oz, but some fruits can be up to 8 oz. Excellent sweet flavor. Very early. (''15 seeds / packet'')


100 Pudov +Indet., regular leaf. Red pear-shaped fruits, 6-10 oz. No core, no cracking, no green shoulders. Very juicy and meaty, with excellent sweet flavor. One of our favorites in 2021.
1884 +Indet., regular leaf plants produce huge pink beefsteaks with somewhat ribbed shoulders. Outstanding rich flavor. 10-18 oz, some fruits get over 2 lbs. (''15 seeds / packet'')
1884 Purple +Indet., regular leaf plant with excellent yield of large, black/purple beefsteak fruits with green shoulders, 8-20 oz, very meaty, juicy, sweet, rich, outstanding flavor, creamy flesh. (''limited, 15 seeds / packet'') : The seeds offered in our 2014 seed catalog were raised by [[vendor::Heritage Tomato Seed|'' '']] [[Heritage Tomato Seed]] '' '', and we are so grateful to Steve McClaren for donating the seeds to us.


42 Days +Very early, compact determinate, regular leaf plants. 1 oz bright red round fruit, sometimes with slightly pointed end. sometimes the first fruits are seedless. Sweet excellent flavor, even when grown in a smaller, 3 gallon pot. (''limited, 12 seeds / packet'')


646 +Indet. plants with regular leaf foliage. Medium pink beefsteak-shaped fruits, most are with smooth shoulders. 5-8 oz. Very juicy. Delicious sweet flavor.


A.Q. Cherry +Determinate, but somewhat vigorous bushy plants with regular leaf foliage. Large red round cherry fruit that is quite firm, which makes it very good for the market growers. Keeps well after picking.
AAA Sweet Solano +Indet., regular leaf. Good yield of medium, perfectly smooth, round to oblate, yellow-orange fruits with green stripes. Very pretty. Excellent sweet flavor with a slight hint of acidity.
ABC Potato Leaf +Indet. tall and sprawling plants with potato leaf foliage produce lots of small slightly oval-shaped red fruits on long trusses. The skin looks almost waxy. Most of the fruits have a little tip at the blossom end. Fruits are 0.5" in diameter. Flavor is very good and full, with a hint of sweetness.
Abakanskiy +Indet., regular wispy foliage typical for Eastern-european heart-shaped varieties, pink heart shaped fruits up to 12 oz. The original description I was given describes them as "up to 2 lbs" which could have been the case if I had grown them under better conditions. Very good flavor.
Abe Lincoln +Indet., regular leaf, 6-12 oz round oblate red fruit, a very good salad and canner tomato. Very good old-fashioned flavor. Great tomato for organic farmers market.
Abraham Lincoln +Indet., regular leaf plants. Medium round oblate beedsteaks with slightly ruffled shoulders. 6-9 oz. Very good old-fashioned flavor.
Absinthe +Indet., regular leaf, medium to large irregularly shaped beefsteaks that are pale green when ripe, clear skin. Sometimes fruits have amber or pinkish blush at the bottom end. Outstanding delicious flavor, nice buttery texture. 10-14 oz. (''very limited, 15 seeds / packet'')
Adam 1 +Compact det. plants with regular leaf foliage. Fruits are red, 1-2 oz, round and slightly flattened, with three seed chambers.. We have not observed any cracking. The flavor is good, with just a touch of acidity. This variety will perform well in a container, as it stays compact, about 2' tall. It does not require pruning. (''15 seeds / packet'')
Adelaide Festival +'''***NEW 2014 Release from Tomato Dwarf Project***'''. '''OSSI-Pledged variety.''' Indet. but very compact dwarf (tree-type) plants with regular leaf. Very beautiful fruits, shaped like beefsteaks, lovely pink-purple color with green metallic stripes. 3-8 oz. Outstanding rich flavor, perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. One of the first new dwarf tomatoes to ripen in our 2015 garden. (''12 seeds / packet'')
Adelia +Indet., regular leaf plants, perfectly shaped round red fruits, 4-8 oz, juicy, with excellent full flavor. Great for fresh salad.
Admiralteiskoe Serdtse +Compact indeterminate plants with wispy regular leaf foliage. Red heart-shaped fruits, 8-20 oz.
Adonis +Vigorous bushy plants with regular leaf foliage produce lots of perfectly round red fruits that were smooth and do not crack. 2-5 oz, but some fruits were 6-7 oz. Jointless for easy picking. Excellent canner, as fruits hold their shape very well. Very good balanced flavor, it starts out more acidic, but turns sweeter later in the season. Firm flesh. Fruits keep very well after picking.
African Beefsteak +Indet., regular leaf, pink beefsteak fruits of variable shapes, 6-12 oz, very good flavor. It was nor very productive in our graden.
African Vining +Indet., regular sparse wispy foliage. Medium pink heart-shaped fruits with very meaty flesh and very few seeds. Excellent sweet flavor. 4-14 oz. (''limited, 15 seeds / packet'')
Agco Fire Green +Very vigorous plants produce beautiful chili peppers that can be up to 10" in length and 2" in diameter. Peppers mature green to very dark red. Medium heat level. Very flavor.
Ahead Of The Game +Indet. plants with regular foliage, early and prolific fruit set, red round oblate fruits, very good balanced flavor. 3-5 oz. It matured way before [[Malinovyi Gigant]], which could have been its possible parent, and it was one of the first larger tomatoes to mature in 2012, after [[Sibirjak]]. It set fruit in cool and very wet weather we had from May to mid-July, when many other varieties simply refused to set.
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