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Aiaparl +The name means Garden Pearl
Aiapärl +The name means Garden Pearl
Aladdin's Lamp +The name means 'Aladdin's Lamp' in Russian, hence the name of this tomato.
Alaska +Alternative spelling is [[Aljaska]].
Altaechka +The name means 'a person (female) that came from or lives in Altai region of Russia'.
Altajskij Urozajnij +The name means 'Productive from Altai' in Russian.
Amber Colored +a.k.a. [[Yantarnyi]]. The name translates 'Amber-colored' from Russian.
Amerikanskiy Sladkiy +The name means 'American Sweet' in Russian.
Amerikanskiy Vytyanutyi +The name means 'American Elongated' in Russian. I am not sure why it was called 'elongated', as it has a classic heart shape.
Amurskiy Tigr +The name means 'Amur Tiger', which is also called [ Siberian Tiger]. It is a rare and beautiful tiger subspecies that inhabits mainly the [ Sikhote Alin] mountain region.
Ananasnaya +The name means 'Pineapple' in Russian.
Anastasia +Anastasia is a woman's first name.
Andizhanskie +The name implies that this variety may have come from [ Andijan] region in Uzbekistan.
Andreevskiy Surpriz +The name means 'Andreev's Surprise' in Russian.
Anzhela Gigant +The name means 'Anzhela's Giant'. Anzhela is a Russian female first name.
Apelsin +The name means Orange (fruit) in Russian.
Apelsin (Pepper) +The name means 'Orange' (fruit) in Russian.
Arbuznyi +The name can be translated as 'Watermelon-Like'.
Arkashin +The name may mean "Arkasha's", where 'Arkasha' is a Russian male first name derived from 'Arkady'. Alternatively, "Arkashin" could be a last name of the breeder or the gardener the seeds were originally collected from. No historical information is available, and we can only speculate where the name came from.
Astrakhanskie +The name may indicate the origin of the tomato, the Astrakhan region, Russia. [ Astrakhan] is a city on the Volga River, which is located near the Caspian Sea.
Aventuniai +cannot be translated
Aviuri +The name is an abbreviation of the breeders' names.
Avstraliyskiy Gigant - Pobeditel +The name means 'Australian Giant - Winner' in Russian.
Azoychka +('Azochka') Azochka is a nickname for an Arabic female name, 'Aza', which means 'comfort'. In Russia, this name was common in a Jewish population in the early/mid 20th century.


Babushka Byka +The name means 'Grandma of a bull' in Russian.
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