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Maturity midseason
Growth habit det.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color pink
Fruit shape plum, heart
Fruit size medium
Fruit type slicer
Variety type open-pollinated
Country Russia


ALTAECHKA is an mid-early to midseason, large, pink plum, or an elongated heart. (70-90 high) plant with a good yield of red-pinkish, round to oblate 150-300 g fruits, very good taste.
Only ONE of my 4 plants grown, had 3 different fruit shapes on the same plant. All fruits on the other 3 plants was all plum sized and shaped. I saved the 3 fruit shape types separately. I will do another grow out to see if the separated seeds keep to their parent fruit's size and shape.

Seed source:

Year grown: 2014

Location: Gilford, New Hampshire


  • An open-pollinated selection for hobby gardeners for short season areas.

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Russian name: Алтаечка

The name means 'a person (female) that came from or lives in Altai region of Russia'.

Description in Russian

  • "Среднеранний сорт алтайских селекционеров для открытого грунта. Сорт обладает всеми качествами, о которых мечтают садоводы-любители: раннеспелость, крупноплодность, высокоурожайность, отличный вкус. Не требует формирования куста и радует глаз уже на окне красивой коренастной рассадой. Растение среднерослое, высотой 70-90 см, куст компактный, плоды плотные, красно-малиновой окраски, массой 150-300 г."

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