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Kelly G. - Backyard plot. Aug 2014.
Kelly G. - Tomato Patch, early July 2014


Kelly G.

Edmonton, AB, Canada. Zone 3b.
Main Plant Interests
Sits on the Board of Directors for Seeds of Diversity Canada.

Garden Documentation

  • Populuxe Seed Bank - My private seed bank. The goal is to store and disperse as many heirloom veggie varieties as possible.

Gardening Methods

I use prevention and soil health to mainly keep my plants healthy. Compost, and fishbone meal goes in each spring before the plants do. In the case of pests I use horticultural oil, beer (slugs), and eggshells (slugs again). In case of powdery mildew I use a baking soda or milk spray.

Seed Trades

I am always interested in seed trading, from anywhere in the world! I'm especially interested in heirloom veggies, particularly tomatoes, and I have a very large soft spot for heavily ruffled/pleated tomatoes.

I'm a rabid seed saver so I always have something to trade. Feel free to send me an email at k (at) to see what I have currently available or to make an offer.

2015 Tomato Grow List

The following tomato varieties are being grown in partnership with the Dan McMurray Memorial Seed Bank, located at the College of the Rockies in Creston, BC:

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