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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • sweet
  • very mild
  • mild
  • medium
  • hot
  • very hot
  • extremely hot

Pages using the property "Heat level"

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Aji Cristal +hot  +
Aji Dulce No.2 +very mild  +
Aji Flor +mild  +
Aji Limon +medium  +
Aji Rojo +hot  +
Ajvarski +sweet  +
Albino +sweet  +
Alla's Yellow +sweet  +
Alligator +sweet  +
Alma Paprika +mild  +
Anaheim +medium  +
Ancho San Luis +mild  +
Anita +sweet  +
Apelsin (Pepper) +sweet  +
Armenian Yellow +sweet  +


Bahia +hot  +
Beaver Dam +medium  +
Beloe Zoloto +sweet  +
Bhavnagari Long +very hot  +
Bhut Jolokia +extremely hot  +
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate +extremely hot  +
Bhut Jolokia Peach +extremely hot  +
Bhut Jolokia White +extremely hot  +
Big Jim Legacy +medium  +
Black Habanero +extremely hot  +
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Facts about Heat levelRDF feed
Allows valueThis property is a special property in this wiki.sweet +, very mild +, mild +, medium +, hot +, very hot + and extremely hot +
Has typeThis property is a special property in this wiki.String +
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