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Banana Legs
Country USA  +
Description Large determinate plants with wispy regula Large determinate plants with wispy regular foliage, high yield of 2-3" long golden yellow sausage-shaped fruits with a tip at the blossom end and faint striping that disappears when fully ripe. Mid- to late season. The plants may be thought of as indeterminate, since they are quite vigorous, but at the end of the season the branches end with flower trusses, which means they are actually determinate. Very meaty flesh with very few seeds. The flavor starts out mild at the beginning of the season, but gets very rich later in the season, sweet with a hint of citrus. We were quite impressed with the taste. s. We were quite impressed with the taste.
Fruit color striped  + , yellow  +
Fruit shape elongated  + , plum  +
Fruit size small  +
Fruit type paste  + , canner  +
Growth habit det.  +
History * Bred by Tom Wagner, a private US plant b * Bred by Tom Wagner, a private US plant breeder from Washington, USA. Tom Wagner did not disclose the parentage of this tomato. * First offered commercially by CV Tater Mater in 1984 as a bunch of unnamed crosses called "Mixed Long Toms". * One of the SSE members, Mark Reusser of Ailsa Craig, Ontario, Canada (ONT RE M), grew out Tom Wagner's Long Toms mixture and selected this tomato, which he named [[Banana Legs]] and first offered in the SSE 1988 Yearbook. This is the description that Mark Reusser supplied in his SSE listing: : ''"100 days - indet., banana-shaped yellow-fleshed fruit, 7-10 cm. long x 3-4 cm. dia. with orange-yellow longitudinal stripes on light-yellow background med-sized plant with very fine thin leaves, prolific, up to 100 excellently-flavored firm-fleshed fruit per plant, seed is all from one seed selected from a batch of unnamed crosses called "Mixed Long Toms" from Tater Mater in 1984."'' ed Long Toms" from Tater Mater in 1984."''
Leaf regular  +
Maturity midseason  +
Member code Category:B.C KO T + , Category:GERM SC K + , Category:MAN ST T +
Seed source [ Reimer Seeds] / Kristien Dhoor, Belgium 06 / [ Reinhard Kraft], Neukirchen, Germany '' ''
Variety type open-pollinated  +
Vendor Tatiana's TOMATObase Seeds + , Tomato Growers Supply + , TomatoFest + , Sand Hill Preservation Center + , Skyfire Garden Seeds + , Heritage Harvest Seed + , Reimer Seeds + , Heirloom Seeds + , Heirloom Tomatoes + , Trade Winds Fruit + , Delectation of Tomatoes + , Hazzard's Wholesale Seeds + , Solana Seeds +
Year grown 2011  +
Categories Tomato Variety List  + , Yellow and Orange Tomatoes  + , Determinate Tomatoes  + , Regular Leaf Tomatoes  + , Paste Tomatoes  + , GERM SC K  + , MAN ST T  + , Tom Wagner  + , B.C KO T  + , WA KO T  + , Amy Goldman's The Heirloom Tomato  + , Tatiana's 2011 Growout List  +
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