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Website: http://www.jandlgardens.com
Location: New Mexico north of the city of Santa Fe
Vendor code: jl1

J & L Gardens is home to over 350 varieties of tomatoes and rare vegetables from our rich heritage of heirloom and open pollinated types. Our farm is in the fertile upper Rio Grande river valley near Espanola, New Mexico. In addition to tomatoes, we take melons and cucumbers, apples and other fruits, specialty potatoes, garlic, and a variety of seasonal vegetables to farmer's markets in Santa Fe and Los Alamos. We also supply local restaurants with fresh produce. Seed for a number of the prized tomatoes we grow along with new varieties we've developed is available for farmers and gardeners. All our garden vegetables, fruit, and seed are raised using traditional, natural methods.

Facts about J&L GardensRDF feed
LocationNew Mexico north of the city of Santa Fe +
Vendor codejl1 +
Websitehttp://www.jandlgardens.com +
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