Bonny Best

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Bonny Best
Maturity midseason
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color red
Fruit shape round
Fruit size medium
Fruit type slicer, canner
Variety type commercial heirloom
Country USA
Tatiana Kouchnareva (B.C KO T). Bonny Best - sliced fruit. 2009-08-09.


Mid-season, indet., regular leaf plants produce uniform 4-10 oz round red fruit, which are blemish free with no core or green shoulders. Very nice smooth and juicy texture. The taste is very good to excellent, more tart than sweet.
Seed Source 
Reimer Seeds / CV Pacific Northwest Seeds 04|2008 (crop failure), 2009}}


Introduced in 1908 and still one of the best canning tomatoes available. Productive, medium size red globes have excellent taste. A good old standby. Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage. (70 days from transplant).
Reimer Seeds / Heritage Harvest Seed

Location: Carman, Manitoba, Canada


  • Old heirloom. It was developed by George W. Middleton of Jeffersonville, Pennsylvania from a plant selected in a filed of Chalk's Early Jewel in the early 1900s.
  • Introduced in 1908 by Stokes' Seeds, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • The catalog description said:
"Bonny Best - Finest Bright Red Sort for Greenhouse Growing - Of medium size, bright scarlet color, always smooth and of remarkably uniform size and shape. An elegant sort for market and shipping of acount of its even size and color, as some markets demand a bright red."
"Early, Large, and Smooth; Heavy Cropper. 90 days.
(Scarlet red). This variety is a vigorous grower; enormously prolific. In shape it is slightly flattened but thicker through than most other tomatoes. In color it is a beautiful scarlet red, setting its fruit in clusters of five or more at close intervals. Ready to pick in 100 days. Makes a magnificent variety for greenhouse growing. Also an excellent quality tomato for all purposes, growing in all sections.

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