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Alpha Pink
Country USA  +
Description Relatively compact indet., regular leaf plants are only up to 4-5' tall. Fruits are smooth, pink, round and oblate medium beefsteaks, 4-6 oz, meaty and juicy, very good balanced flavor. Very productive. Quite early for a large fruited tomato.
Fruit color pink  +
Fruit shape globe  +
Fruit size medium  +
Fruit type slicer  +
Growth habit indet.  +
History * Alpha Pink is a historically important v * Alpha Pink is a historically important variety that dates back to 1914. It was introduced by the Isbell Seed Company. * The catalog description from 1914 says: : "''The earliest pink in cultivation. As early as [[Spark's Earliana]]. Outyields all others.''" : "''Since the Introduction of our [[Earlibell]] (the earliest red in cultivation), growers of extra early Tomatoes for certain markets have said to us: "You have the best extra early '''red''' Tomato, but our market demands a '''pink''', or as it is sometimes called, a '''purple''' sort.'' " : "''We are very glad, therefore, to offer the [[Alpha Pink]], and do not hesitate to claim that it is the Earliest Pink or Purple Tomato in circulation. The color is same as the well-known [[Acme]] or [[Beauty]].''" : "''In addition to its extreme earliness, it is much superior to [[Earliana]] in table quality, in handsome shape and attractiveness. The plants are of such vigorous growth that the finest fruits are produced, both extra early and until frost. One large grower uses this variety exclusively and makes but a single planting too. The flavor is free from acidity, particularly sweet and pleasant to eat raw. The fruits are set in generous clusters of large fine specimens, and like our [[Earlibell]], it is characteristic of Alpha Pink to ripen nearly every one in cluster at the same time. ''" : "''One grower says that he "will drop [[Earliana]] and plant Alpha Pink only. Another writes that [[Alpha Pink]] ripened 7 days sooner than [[Earliana]].''" * United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), [[USDA link::|PI 644869]]. Accession number NSL 26880. It was donated to the USA in 1963. 26880. It was donated to the USA in 1963.
Leaf regular  +
Maturity midseason  +
Member code Category:B.C KO T + , Category:MI FL J +
Seed source Jeff Fleming of Augusta, Michigan (MI FL J) 07 / Craig LeHoullier of Raleigh, North Carolina (NC LE C) / USDA Collection 94
USDA PI 644869  +
USDA link  +
Variety type commercial heirloom  + , historic  + , open-pollinated  +
Vendor Tatiana's TOMATObase Seeds +
Year grown 2014  +
Categories Tomato Variety List  + , Tomato Seeds  + , Pink Tomatoes  + , Indeterminate Tomatoes  + , Regular Leaf Tomatoes  + , Medium Tomatoes  + , Heirloom Tomatoes  + , US Tomatoes  + , USDA Tomatoes  + , MI FL J  + , B.C KO T  + , Tatiana's 2014 Growout List  +
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