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Andrew Still - Home Page

Drain, Oregon, USA
Seed Saving 
Listed SSE member since 2007. Organic seed.

Seeds Ambassadors Project

We are working with biodiversity to promote local food system durability, searching for and distributing the most resilient germplasm we can find with Special focus on winter gardening varieties and varieties from our European collection expedition. Over the winter of 2006-2007, my partner Sarah Kelleger and I traveled through nine countries in Northern and Eastern Europe, collecting and sharing seeds and stories with those involved with OP seeds. Over the course of our travels we collected over 700 varieties of edible food plants, most of which are not available in the US (in the 2007 Yearbook or 2004 Garden Seed Inventory). We are now in the process of growing, evaluating and increasing seed of many of these varieties. We hope to offer many biennuals in the 2009 Yearbook.

Please visit Seed Ambassadors website to find out more about our project and see photos of some of the varieties.

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