Burpee's Table Talk

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Burpee's Table Talk
Maturity midseason
Growth habit det., semi-det.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color red
Fruit shape globe
Fruit size medium
Fruit type canner, slicer
Variety type commercial heirloom
Country USA


  • An old Burpee's variety introduced in 1941, featured as their 'top' variety in Burpee 1943 Catalog.
  • Parentage: single-plant selection from Marglobe.
  • PI 303711. Donated to USDA in 1965.
  • First offered in the Seed Savers 1991 Yearbook by Glenn Drowns of Calamus, Iowa (IA DR G), who obtained the seed from Donald Branscomb, California (CA BR D) in 1985.
  • SSE TOMATO 864.
  • This is what 1941 Burpee's Seed Catalog said about this tomato:
"1118 Burpee's Table Talk Tomato - This is the "Nameless" Tomato of last year for which we offered $100 for a name. The winning name selected by our judges was "Table Talk", submitted by five persons, to each of whom we have sent our check for $100. ...
Table Talk is a distinct new, all-purpose tomato - a new and different type of fruit on a new kind of vine. The plant is short stemmed and bushy, but with no self-topping tendency. The leaves are small and set closely together, dark green, thick and firm in texture, forming a dense mass of foliage which not only protects the fruit, but virtually hides it, especially in the center of the plant.
The fruit, unusual in that it combines large size with deep globular form, averages 7 to 8 1/2 ozs. and maintains its size will throughout the season. The shoulder is smooth, there is little or no depression at the stem end, and the scar is quite small - in other words, it is refined in spite of its size. The color is bright scarlet, uniform and attractive. Slice Burpee's Table Talk Tomato and you will marvel at the structure and the firmness of its interior. First fruits ready to pick in 75 days from setting out the plants."

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Facts about Burpee's Table TalkRDF feed
CountryUSA +
Fruit colorred +
Fruit shapeglobe +
Fruit sizemedium +
Fruit typecanner + and slicer +
Growth habitdet. + and semi-det. +
Leafregular +
Maturitymidseason +
Variety typecommercial heirloom +
VendorSand Hill Preservation Center +
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