Novcerkasskij 416

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Novcerkasskij 416
Maturity early
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color red
Fruit shape round, oblate
Fruit size medium
Fruit type slicer
Variety type open-pollinated
Country Russia
Tatiana Kouchnareva (B.C KO T). Novcerkasskij 416 - sliced fruit. 2013-08-03.


Compact indet., regular leaf plants. 4-8 oz red fruits shaped like beefsteaks, with some green shoulders. Flesh is very meaty and juicy, with small seed chambers. Delicious flavor, more acidic than sweet. This is a great tomato, and I am very happy it was 're-discovered' and rescued from the USDA seed vaults.

Seed source:

Norbert R. Pikovsky, Johnstown, Pennsylvania (PA PI N2) 08 / USDA

Year grown: 2013

Location: Zone 7b, PNW, Anmore, BC, Canada (760 ft above sea level)


  • Developed at the Biryuchekutsk's Vegetable Research Station by selection from Kulenkamff tomato.
  • PI 321069. Donated to USDA in 1967 by the All-Union Institute of Plant Industry, Leningrad through L.H. Lyall, Canada. Seeds collected from former Soviet Union.
  • USDA description:
"Plant indeterminate. Fruit flat globe 5.7 cm by 8.3 cm, 8 to 9 locules around solid core, uneven ripening, early."
  • First offered in the Seed Savers 2007 Yearbook by Norbert Pikovsky, Pennsylvania (PA PI N), who got the seeds from the USDA.
  • Correct spelling of the name should be 'Novocherkasskij' or 'Novocherkasskiy'. Having said that, I would recommend to stick with the original name, 'Novcerkasskij 416'.

Russian name: Новочеркасский 416

The name means 'No. 416, from Novocherkassk'.

Description in Russian

  • "Выведен на Бирючекутской овощной селекционно-опытной станции методом многократного индивидуального отбора из сорта Куленкамфа. Куст обыкновенный, низкорослый (60-85 см), средне облиственный. Листья обыкновенные, темнозеленые, гладкие; основных долей 3 пары, доли средне рассеченные, широколанцетные; долек и долечек много. Кисть II и III типа, короткая, среднерыхлая; плодов на кисти 4-7. Плоды плоскоокруглые (индекс 0,63-0,81), среднеребристые, оранжево-красные, крупные (средний вес 123 г, колебания от 81 до 199 г); камер в плоде 5-20, они неправильной формы. Вегетационный период в Майкопе 100-110 дней, в Пушкине - 126 дней (от всходов до созревания)."

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