Mayo's Delight

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Mayo's Delight
Maturity late
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular, wispy
Fruit color red
Fruit shape heart
Fruit size large
Fruit type canner, slicer, paste
Variety type family heirloom
Country unknown
Tatiana Kouchnareva (B.C KO T). Mayo's Delight (MI FL J) - sliced fruit. 2012-10-09.


Indet., regular leaf, wispy foliage, tall plants. Huge lumpy red hearts with outstanding delicious flavor, meaty, with few seeds. Fruits can easily reach 1.5 lbs, and some grow larger. (10 seeds per packet)

Seed source:

1. John Seewald, New Jersey 07 / Neil Lockhart of Oblong, Illinois (IL LO N) / Jeff Fleming of Augusta, Michigan (MI FL J) 02 / Mayo Underwood, Illinois (IL UN M)
2. Jeff Fleming of Augusta, Michigan (MI FL J) 08 / Mayo Underwood, Illinois (IL UN M)

Year grown: 2012

Location: Zone 7b, PNW, Anmore, BC, Canada (760 ft above sea level)


Large vines need caging or staking, moderate to good producer of large (10 oz to 1 lb or larger) deep red heart-shaped fruit, very meaty and juicy often with few seeds, with an excellent rich and nicely balanced flavor. Fruits sometimes have yellow shoulders and will crack in very wet weather. The young plant seedlings are distinct in having a very spindly appearance with narrow leaves (a characteristic of some heart-shaped varieties), but the spindly appearance disappears as the plants grow older.
IL UN M (Mayo Underwood, Illinois)

Year: annually beginning in 2000

Location: Augusta Michigan


90 days, indet., regular leaf plant with a good yield of 1-1.5 lb red heart shaped fruit with excellent flavor.
Jeff Fleming of Augusta, Michigan (MI FL J) 02 / Mayo Underwood, Illinois (IL UN M)

Location: Oblong, Illinois


Seed source:

Tormato, MMMM swap 2014

Year grown: 2016,2017

Location: Czech republic, Brno, 780 ft


  • Old family heirloom of unknown origin.
  • The seed of this variety was anonymously donated to Mayo Underwood (dropped on her porch with an unsigned note that said something similar to "these have been grown for a long time in my family but we don't have a name for it, please save it because it's a good tomato"). Mayo, unable to find space in her gardens for it, passed the variety along to Jeff Fleming in 1994 to trial. They met the same obstacle with Jeff for several years, but he finally tried the variety in 2000 and found it to be unique and wonderful. Introduced by Jeff (MI FL J) into the SSE in 2002 after he had made sure he was getting consistent results and had compared the variety to German Red Strawberry, which Craig LeHoullier suggested might be similar (grown side by side, they are clearly not the same).
  • No commercial sources noted for 2004 in the Garden Seed Inventory 6th edition.

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