Casady's Folly

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Casady's Folly
Maturity midseason
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color red, striped
Fruit shape elongated, plum
Fruit size small
Fruit type paste, canner, cooking
Variety type open-pollinated
Country USA
Tatiana Kouchnareva (B.C KO T). Casady's Folly - ripe fruit. 2008-09-14.


Det. plant with regular wispy/droopy foliage, 3-4' tall, elongated sausage-shaped red fruit with golden stripes, grows in clusters of 3-5, 1-2 oz, bright rich red color inside, meaty, with few seeds and almost no juice, very good flavor, tart (gel) and sweet (meat) combination, not bland as some other 'novelty' paste types, but skin is a bit tough. Gorgeous tomato with a good taste.

Seed source:

1. Tom Wagner, Everett, Washington 07
2. Fedco Seeds 12

Year grown: 2008(1), 2012(2)

Location: Zone 7b, PNW, Anmore, BC, Canada (760 ft above sea level)


Seed source:

Tatiana Kouchnareva (B.C KO T)

Year grown: 2010, 2011, 2012 (plants lost as seedlings), 2013

Location: Quitzdorf am See, Germany


  • Bred by Tom Wagner, a tomato and potato breeder from WA, the founder of Tater Mater Seed, from a deliberate cross that involved Banana Legs variety. Tom Wagner named it in memory of his friend Mark Casady.
  • Here is the information that was supplied by Tom Wagner along with the seeds:
"I have a broad spectrum collection of fruit shapes and colors in my Casady's Folly lines. The stripes are more zig-zag than Green Zebra and they come in yellows, reds, greens, browns, and tri-colors. I think they would make a great addition to a catalog as a color/shape assortment."
  • First introduced in the Seed Savers 2010 Yearbook by Amy Goldman of NY (NY GO A).


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