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Any segregations will be named after the four parts that the former Argo Navis constellation was split into by the International Astronomical Union.

  • Carina (the keel of the Argo). Carina has 4 named stars, CANOPUS (Alpha Car), Miaplacidus (Beta Car), Avior (Epsilon Car), and Turais (Iota Car).
  • Puppis (the poop of the Argo). Puppis has two named stars, Naos and Azmidiske.
  • Vela (the sail of the Argo). Vela has 4 named stars, Suhail al Muhlif (Gamma 2 Vel), Markab (Kappa Vel), Alsuhail (Lambda Vel), and Tseen Ke ("heaven's record") (Phi Vel).
  • Pyxis (the compass of the Argo).
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