Sweet Orange Cherry

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Sweet Orange Cherry
Maturity midseason
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color orange
Fruit shape round
Fruit size cherry
Fruit type cherry
Variety type


Very, very late germination (I planted it in March and one of several seeds germinated in probably mid to late May). It germinated so late, in fact, that I ordered more seeds from another store to try again in 2017, before it germinated. After most of my plants were already transplanted, it was just a tiny seedling (I had to transplant it that way). Nevertheless, it produced a lot of yellow to maybe orange, round cherry tomatoes later on in the season at about the same time as Yellow Riesentraube (and the plant was all over the place; quite vigorous and extremely productive. Taste was good. I would definitely plant this again (pending faster germination). Had it had an earlier start, it may have even been an early tomato (and who knows how productive it would have been). I believe I've read that this might be descended from Sungold, but maybe not. If you want a good, productive, very indeterminate cherry, I recommend trying Sweet Orange Cherry (at least, if you can get faster germination). I did start mine in an unheated greenhouse, though, instead of indoors (maybe it wasn't used to that, but most of my tomato varieties germinated fine in it).

Seed source:

dianeseeds.com (purchased 1 Jan 2016 under the name Orange Cherry)

Year grown: 2016

Location: New Plymouth, Idaho


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