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F2 generation, 2008: 3:4 ratio of potato leafed to regular leafed plants. Fruit color on all plants was dark purple/pink, very similar to the color of Black Cherry, but fruit varied in size and maturity date. I labelled the plants as follows: P1-02, P2-02, P3-02, R4-02, R5-02, R6-02, R7-02.
larger fruit, late. Did not save seeds.
1-2 oz, 1.5 oz average weight.
Galatea - earliest of all the plants, small-medium round oblate firm fruit with the color of Black Cherry but larger in size, 1-2 oz, 1.8 oz average weight, green gel in the seed cavities. Excellent flavor throughout the season. First few fruits were seedless (likely set in cooler spring weather). No cracking, even in heavy rainfall.
Psamathe - indet., regular leaf, purple/black round cherry fruit, smallest among the F2 fruits, 20 gr. average.
Despina - indet., regular leaf, purple/black elongated small plum, 1-2 oz, 1.5 oz average weight, not many seeds, late to ripen.
1-1.5 oz, 1.2 oz average weight.
1-2 oz, 1.8 oz average.

Seed source:

Barbara Morgenroth, NY 08

Year grown: 2008

Location: Zone 7b, PNW, Anmore, BC, Canada (760 ft above sea level)


  • Not stable yet.
  • Bred by Keith Mueller, MO, who sent all of his F1 seed to Laurel to sell plants with the money going to autism research. It is a F1 cross of Black Cherry, Brandywine and Cherokee Purple in an effort to improve the flavor of Black Cherry.
  • The basic cross for Purple Haze was a Brandywine X Cherokee Purple segregate that was selected in the F4 for extraordinary flavor. It is potato leaf. This was crossed with Black Cherry to make Purple Haze.
    • The F2 seedlings should segregate out at:
      • 1 regular leaf homozygous +/+
      • 2 regular leaf with recessive potato leaf trait heterozygous c/+, +/c
      • 1 potato leaf homozygous c/c
    • The fruit should segregate
      • 1 large fruit
      • 2 cherry size with recessive for large fruit
      • 1 cherry
    • Flavor segregation will be much more complex.
    • note by Keith - I did not observe this kind of ratio. I also got some small plum shapes. Also noted a strange kind of spiral cracking in 2 lines.

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