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Indet., regular foliage that looks both potato and regular leaf, healthy plants produce large flattened and slightly ribbed bright red beefsteaks, 12-16 oz. Outstanding flavor and very good texture, smooth and meaty flesh, no core or shoulders.
2009 growout, F1 generation
only 1 seedling out of 8 was regular leaf, as the crossing was partial. I discarded all PL seedlings, and grew out only the RL plant.
2010 growout, F2 generation
Got 3 PL and 11 RL plants, all produced beefsteaks, red or pink colored.
Zana (PL Pink, right plant) - very nice mild sweet/acidic balanced flavor, very meaty with few seed cavities and few seeds. Pink fruits, potato leaf.
Lana (RL6) - sweet red meaty fruits, regular leaf.
Jana (RL5) - earliest, regular leaf, pink fruits with very small seed cavities, balanced flavor.
2011 growout, F3 generation

Seed source:

Rob Gee of East Palestine, Ohio 09

Year grown: 2009 (F1), 2010 (F2)

Location: Zone 7b, PNW, Anmore, BC, Canada (760 ft above sea level)


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