Matchless (Austin)

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Matchless (Austin)
Maturity midseason
Growth habit det., dwarf
Leaf type regular, rugose
Fruit color red
Fruit shape globe, oblate
Fruit size medium
Fruit type slicer
Variety type


  • Originated from Dale Austin, who originally thought this to be Matchless, which it was not, as this strain has rugose leaf, and true Matchless has a regular, non-rugose leaf.
  • Glenn Drowns, who received the seeds from Dale Austin as Matchless, sent it to Burpee , who grew it out and determined that it does not match the original Matchless they offered in their catalogs back in late 18th/early 19th century.
  • Carolyn Male's post at GardenWeb tomato forum on April 27, 2003 says that "What I show in my book as Matchless is Quarter Century. Craig determined that Matchless was not rugose leafed, from doing some research, and now has grown out what he feels to be Matchless, from another USDA accession number."

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