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Maturity early
Growth habit semi-det.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color red
Fruit shape globe
Fruit size small
Fruit type slicer, salad
Variety type


  • The seeds were sent to Forest Shomer, a founder of Abundant Life Seed Foundation by Milan Sodomka from Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1976, who wrote the letter that implies that Eros may have been one of these 7 varieties that he sent (see [1]):
"Prague, 24/3 1976
Dear Sir:
I am a permanent reader of 'The Organic Gardening and Farming' and the January issue I have read a very interesting article: 'Special seeds for special needs' and your successful undertaking. I beg to ask you for your catalog and some trial seeds esp. of your tomatoes, onions, lettuce, Marigold and Verbena for now. In the contrary I am enclosing four varieties of our Czechoslovak tomatoes and two East German bush varieties which proved here very well. And one Bulgarian variety too.
I am 70 and in spite of this I am most happy when I can try something new in my garden.
Please to write me if you have some wish I could accomplish.
I thank you in advance!
Very sincerely yours,
Milan Sodomka"
  • 1991 Abundant Life catalog says:
"Early-maturing medium size flavorful East German red variety introduced by Abundant Life. determinate; staking optional. Good for salad use. Received from Czech breeder Milan Sodomka in 1976."

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