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Dennis Margoni, MI. My garden in 2009.
Dennis Margoni, MI. My garden in 2010. July 2010 jungle.
Dennis Margoni, MI. The aerial view is of our home in Iron River, Michigan on Ice Lake.
Dennis Margoni, MI. Stargazer lilies which are in one of the many small gardens that we have around the property.

Home page of Dennis Margoni

Garden location 
Iron River, Michigan

The first picture is of my garden in 2009, and the second picture is of my garden in 2010 which we moved to a location that gets more sun. We also more than doubled the size, from 180 square feet (12 x 15) to 432 square feet (24 by 18).

2010 Season

We had an unusually good growing season. Early warm weather, lots of rain and a mild fall so far. We did have a frost after I planted and that affected my Minnesota Midget and Blacktail Mountain melons. Only one Blacktail Mountain watermelon survived. I learned a lesson to protect my plants if I am going to get greedy and plant early. All of my other plants did well I had all of my tomatoes in EarthTainers and GrowBoxes which water from underneath so it was humorous to be watering these plants after a rainstorm.

2009 Season

Our entire region had a horrible growing season. Many gardeners never had their tomatoes ripen. I felt fortunate when this late season tomato ripened 22 days later than expected. It had to withstand a few frost days to do that. Most of the tomatoes in my garden were 22-23 days late. I used Tomato-Tone fertilizer 3-4-6 and planted this tomato plant in an EarthTainer. Because of a shipping problem (no fault of my plants arrived much later than expected. I cut back on the number of days that I would normally harden off the tomatoes and this may have contributed to the later maturity date.

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