Brandywine from Croatia

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General Info

Brandywine from Croatia
Maturity late
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color pink
Fruit shape beefsteak
Fruit size large
Fruit type slicer
Variety type


Seedling from Santa Clara Master Gardeners Spring Sale 2011

Year: 2011

Location: San Jose, California, Zone 9b


  • Brought to the Santa Clara Master Gardeners during a tomato testing in 1999 by a Croatian woman who had brought the seeds from Croatia and grown them here. The Master Gardeners "were blown away with the flavor, texture and size. [They] saved the seed and [continued] to do so every year since and continue to get huge plants 7' - 8' tall and 4' wide heavy laden with the most delicious huge tomatoes that are sweet, but with good acid balance [and have] no watery seed cavities" (
  • Plants of this local heirloom are sold at the Master Gardener's Spring Sale each year.
  • Another local tomato seedling grower, Bountiful Gardens, has gotten seeds for this and offer it as a seedling too.
  • To quote their tomato guide, "Brandywine from Croatia (OP)- Productive, large, meaty pink tomato with delicious, complex flavor. Very tender skin. Regular leaf. Rare, only available from Santa Clara Master Gardeners [and Bountiful Garden]. (Pink, Indet., 85 days).
  • Ray Newstead of Campbell, California purchased 7 plants at the Santa Clara Master Gardener’s event in April 2011, saved lots of seeds and shared them with Tomatoville members in September 2011. One plant out of 7 appeared to be potato leaf, and it was discarded.
  • A few Tomatoville members who received the seed from Ray Newstead reported about 20% potato leaf seedlings in the spring of 2012, which shows that the original seed stock of Santa Clara Master Gardeners was not fully stable or may have crossed in their growouts. See the thread at Tomatoville forum for more details.
  • It is said to be known in its native Serbian as "Brandjvijn iz Hrvastka" (Брандјвиjн из хрватска)
  • It is certainly not clear if this tomato is related to the famous Brandywine tomato widely known in North America.

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