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Maturity late
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color red
Fruit shape globe
Fruit size medium
Fruit type slicer, canner, longkeeper
Variety type open-pollinated, commercial heirloom
Country USA
Tatiana Kouchnareva (B.C KO T). Lutescent - ripening fruit. 2009-08-28.


Semi-det., regular leaf foliage that starts out yellowish and later turns green, red fruits that ripen from light green > white > lemon to rich red. Medium size, 4-6 oz.

Seed source:

Geza Korbely, Hungary 04

Year grown: 2009

Location: Zone 7b, PNW, Anmore, BC, Canada (760 ft above sea level)


extreme "white" tomato, no red fruits, maybe a little to "hard", extreme late in 2009

Seed source:

M. Hahm-Hartmann

Year grown: 2009

Location: Quitzdorf am See, Germany


  • A.k.a. 'Honor Bright', introduced by Alexander Livingston in 1897.
  • Click here to view the Livingston's 1900 Seed catalog. Here is the catalog description:
    • "A New Bright Red Variety. First appeared in the form of a single "sport" plant in a field of our Livingston's Stone Tomato in 1894. The Distinctive features of the New Honor Bright Tomato are its solidity, long-keeping qualities after being picked, and the remarkable changes of color the fruit undergoes during growth and ripening. These changes of color provide an easily learned guide to the proper time of picking for long-distance shipping. The color of the fruit, when fully ripe, is a rich bright red, but before reaching this stage it undergoes several interesting changes. First it is light green, then an attractive waxy white, then lemon, changing to a rich red. One of the most attractive and handsome varieties grown, and well adapted for home use or market, and, on account of its solidity and long-keeping qualities, it is especially recommended for shipping. It can be shipped in barrels, like apples, if picked in the early stages of ripening and will keep from one to four weeks if stored in a cool place. The clusters bear three to five large perfect fruits, beautiful as the Stone, and ripen evenly from blossom end to the stem. Its table qualities are superb, the flesh, when ripe, being tender and melting, not hard as one might conclude from the solidity of the uncut fruit. Those who grow it will find it a valuable acquisition, and be surprised at its distinctness from all known sorts."


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