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Midseason to late seed production, tough pods are only edible in very early stages. Makes excellent shellies and dry beans. Medium height vines are good for corn. Moderately productive. The heartiest and best bread bean i have grown to date. very large seed.

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Year grown: 2013

Location: Zone 5b, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (1000 feet above sea level)


  • Developed by the Skarure (Tuscarora) nation within what is now North Carolina over many millennia. During the 1800s, Skarure people were subject to such severe privation that many were forced off their lands and escaped enslavement and death through the underground railroad, which mostly ran over established indigenous trade routes, and Skarure amongst other southeastern natives helped guide the way all the way through PA and NY up into Canada. During this time the Skarure nation also joined the Haudenosaunee confederacy of nations in an effort to mitigate the economic and geographical impacts of colonization. After traveling all the way to Canada, Skarure Bread beans were sent back to North Carolina where many Skarure people still live and carry on their traditions for future generations.

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