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Maturity midseason
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color red
Fruit shape plum
Fruit size medium
Fruit type paste, cooking
Variety type


I grew this in an area with black plastic, with drought conditions, with full sun, without support, with little watering (it was a dry, hot and very sunny summer; so, this was a challenge for some other kinds of plants as the black plastic made the soil extra hot). Sausage, however, did not wilt or have any foliage issues from the heat (most of the others had issues). It handled the heat exceptionally well among about 60 kinds of tomatoes. It took until the midseason or so to start producing. The first fruit or two had little taste, but after that, they tasted great and had good texture for the rest of the season. It produced larger amounts of fruit the further the season progressed, and we ended up getting a substantial percentage of our tomatoes from this one plant (a stabilized Brandy Boy also did exceptionally well with regard to productivity). The fruits were easy to find, harvest and handle. There was absolutely no blossom end rot (while other paste, and even several non-paste, varieties I grew in the same conditions had plenty of it). The fruits were firm and nice. They were quite large (much larger than, say, Roma). The unripe ones ripened well in storage without issues. If 2018 was an indicator, this is one of my favorite tomatoes to date. I think the fruits would probably be nice sliced on sandwiches, pizza, etc. Anyway, I definitely intend to grow them again (I'm growing 11 seedling containers full already, for 2019, in fact).

Seed source: (purchased 10 November 2016)

Year grown: 2018

Location: New Plymouth, Idaho


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