Grungy in the Sky Bicolor

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Grungy in the Sky Bicolor
Maturity midseason
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color bi-color
Fruit shape round
Fruit size small
Fruit type salad
Variety type stabilized intentional cross
Country US


1st place winner in the 2014 annual Buffalo/Niagara tomato tasting competition, Grungy in the Sky Bicolor is a favorite of many due to its beauty, flavor, versatility, productivity, and disease resistance. In addition to being a perfect fusion of flavor and late blight resistance, it also is a marriage of form and function since the saladette sized fruits are uniquely bicolor, with only flesh under the skin bearing red pigment, the rest of the inner flesh is pure yellow. Descendant from Skykomish and an unnamed line developed by the late Valerie “Grungy” McMurray, to whom this tomato owes its namesake, the original cross was preformed by Tom Wagner, which was then selected and stabilized by me here at Good Mind Seeds. The vines are indeterminate and grow to a length of up to 8 feet before frost, with regular leaf, and few sprawling suckers.

Seed source:

Rob Wagner, Washington

Year grown: 2013

Location: Zone 5b, near Pittsburgh, PA, USA (1000 feet above sea level)


  • The original line from Tom Wagner of Everett, Washington was an unstable F2 cross between Skykomish and an unreleased tomato bred by the late Valerie 'Grungy' McMurray. Stable selection was captured by Phil Seneca of Good Mind Seeds , Pennsylvania.
  • Released in 2011 by New World Seeds & Tubers . Stabilized and re-released in 2015 by Good Mind Seeds .


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